Spring Valley City Parks

Spring Valley has seven public parks which provide baseball diamonds for youth softball leagues, shelters for group get-togethers, a public swimming pool, tennis courts, bike trails, volleyball and horseshoe pitching areas. An Open Space Land Acquisition and Development grant has also provided for a new soccer field, a roller hockey area, and a handicapped accessible exercise station area.

Coveny-Veterans Memorial Swimming Pool

Located south of Kirby Park, at 320 S. Strong Ave., is Coveny-Veterans Memorial Swimming Pool.  Spring Valley American Legion members first undertook the idea of the pool which took almost a quarter of a century to become a reality.  Major funding was received from a $200,000 state grant and a $50,000 donation from Spring Valley resident, Edward J. Coveny.

Open from Memorial Day to Labor Day.


"Pave the Park"

Thanks to the efforts of the Spring Valley Park Board,

D & M Landscaping, Spring Valley City Bank, and the many community members who contributed, the downtown Mini-Park has received a much needed face-lift. The Mini-Park is now a showcase for downtown and an ideal location for community events. Special thanks to Park Board President, Tony Mautino and his son, Mark for spearheading these efforts.



Kirby Park

The efforts of many Spring Valley organizations over the years are responsible for the formation and development of Kirby Park.  In 1938, members of the Older Boys Association, agreed to purchase 5.8 acres of land from the Foley family. A drawing of the land was divided into 1700 squares and sold for $1 apiece to raise enough for the purchase price.  From 1939-1046, the Spring Valley Lions Club paid the taxes on the land.  In 1946, a city referendum was passed to levy a tax for the park and recreation area. The park was then named Kirby Park, after Dr. George Kirby, one of the committee members who worked tirelessly for the creation of the area and who served on the city’s first Park and Recreation Board.  Lion’s Club members joined other organizations, including the VFW, American Legion, Rotary, Woman’s and Junior Woman’s Clubs to purchase equipment, plant trees, and build restrooms and shelters.  Many businesses and individuals supported the efforts with funding and donations of time and materials.  The following equipment can be found at Kirby Park:

  • 2 baseball fields
  • 2 tennis courts
  • 1 basketball court
  • 2 sand volleyball courts
  • playground equipment
  • 4 picnic shelters with 22 picnic tables
  • restroom facilities

Spring Valley Flag Football

Savitch Park

Savitch Park, named after former Mayor William Savitch, is located west of Spalding Street, between 2nd and 3rd Streets in Spring Valley. Equipment at this park consits of:

  • Kowalski Field (small ballfield used for little girls' softball)
  • playground equipment
  • picinic shelter with one table
  • 6 benches
  • 2 vending machines
  • drinking water fountain
  • bicycle rack
  • basketball court  

Downtown Mini-Park

Located downtown, this small park provides a respite for shoppers and workers.  It contains many benches for relaxation.  The park hosts Spring Valley Municipal Band concerts each Friday night during June & July, and has been the site for various events and entertainment.   A new stage is under construction.

Webster Park Playground - Noles Park

Property was donated to the City by the Blum/Noles Family in November of 2017.


A small neighborhood park is located at the northwest corner of Central and Elm Streets in Webster Park.  It contains:

  • An open field for baseball/softball
  • playground equipment

City Square Park

City Square Park sits in the heart of town, surrounding the library and city hall. A new play area is located on the northwest corner of Greenwood and Cleveland Streets. A

plaza feaures a fountain, memorial pavers, clock and flag poles.  A shelter with 3 picnic tables faces the plaza and is located on the east side of the park amidst a grove of trees.  A memorial tank and sign is located on the southwest corner near Greenwood and Erie Streets

Baltikuski Park

This park was built on Northwestern Street on the far westernedge of town. It is located next to the abandoned Coal Mine #3 that is currently used as an informal hiking trail. 

Spring Valley Coal Mine Park

The Spring Valley Coal Mine Park is a sensory delight, offering spectacular views over the Illinois River with a variety of trees, fishing ponds, beauty and serenity. The park is located on East St. Paul Street, just blocks from the downtown shopping district.






Natural &

Recreational Area with

hiking trails, paintball,

climbing ropes, & more.

Located in Hall township,

off Route 29 between

Spring Valley & Depue.


Echo Bluff Park is a 60-acre park located one mile off of Route 29 between Spring Valley and DePue. It is the perfect backdrop for nature classes and children will learn to appreciate the beauty of nature. Each month will focus on a particular wonder of nature.


Echo Bluff Park

Nature's Corner Club

2nd Saturday of every month

10 a.m. - Noon

Deatils at NATURE

Hall Twp.’s Echo Bluff Park - Nature’s Corner – a Club for Curious Children

When it comes to Nature, children are very inquisitive. Each month, children who attend Echo Bluff’s Nature’s Corner have some of their questions answered. Spring time brings many birthdays for lots of our furry friends. We will talk about this fact –pet some fluffy friends and also make an adorable craft.


Nature’s Corner is a free program designed for inquisitive children aged 3-12 (accompanied by an adult) and meets the second Saturday of each month. Children learn about the nature around us, plus take part in a seasonal activity and craft. Participants meet (rain or shine) from 10 am -12 noon at Echo Bluff Park. Hall Twp.’s Echo Bluff Park’s Activity Director Samantha Brown coordinates the event.


Curious? Then bring your children to Echo Bluff Saturday! (Participants are asked to wear socks and tennis shoes.) For more information, kindly call Echo Bluff at 815 447-2115 or check out their website at


Echo Bluff is open to the

public and there is no

charge for disc golf,

picnicking, walking the

trails, or playing


on the sports pad. 

There is a charge

for paintball. 

The High ropes and

Zip line are

by appointment only.

A concession stand with

cold drinks, hot dogs,

chips and other treats

is available on site.

Ice skating is

offered seasonally.

Hall Township oversees

all recreation at the park

and there is staff member

on duty during

the open hours.


For more information visit:



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